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OreyBujjiga Review: Mediocre Comedy

OreyBujjiga is a movie which is filled with so much fun and affection. This movie is the most beautiful love story of Bujji and Krishna, this is a movie which must be watched to make your day better with lots of laughs. Bujji is clueless normal middle class guy and Krishnaveni is an ambitious and classy woman, watch the movie to kow how did they even fall in love with each other. It’s good to watch a movie which can make you relax and make you laugh at the silly things, OreyBujjiga is one of those movies. Watch the latest Telugu movies online which are available on Aha. Watch OreyBujjiga movie on Aha only.



OreyBujjiga movie recently got released on Aha to entertain all the telugu audience. This movie is full of fun and emotions that will make you laugh and even cry for it. This love story of bujji and Krishnaveni is fun so the movie starts at a village where both of them live. But the whole village thinks that they eloped together because they got into the same train at the same moment on the same day. As they all think, that is not true at all. They came to the city because bujji shares a brilliant idea which will be helpful to her. Liking his idea they start working together and they will start getting closer as srinu and swathi. But as Bujji and Krishnaveni they hate each other to death. They get each other facebook id and abuse each other because because of one other their reputation has gone down in the village. There are many twists coming on the way that their family gets to know and even the couple will know their real identities. Watch the movie to know how they express their feelings and what will be the ending to their love story.

Technical Aspects:

  • OreyBujjiga, the title itself says that the audience can relate to it. From the beginning to till the end the director has put the audience engaged by using the humaor factor.
  • The dialogues of the movie are just killing, the main humour is held in the dialogues itself. The accent of the hero which has the village vibe and funny scolding are really amazing.
  • This movie has worked really well to get the music in the right way. Background music is also done in a very matured and interesting way.
  • OreyBujjiga is a movie with an excellent story, it’s different from anything else in the industry.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Raj Tharun

Actress: Malvika Nair

Other actors: Naresh, HebahPatel,  Ajay Ghosh, Raja Ravindra

Director: Vijay Kumar Konda

Writer: Vijay Kumar Konda

Producer: K.K. Radhamohan

Music Director: Anup Rubens

Cinematography: Andrew

More Information:

Runtime: 2 hours 44 minutes

Released: 01 October 2020

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Available On: Aha

Watch the latest Telugu movies online which are available on aha. Watch OreyBujjiga movie online on aha only.