Nov 07, 2020 Food

Make singapore Customer  for  your friend

Known As the King of Fruits, it emits an overpoweringly pungent odor that lingers on for days, hence it is an item that is banned in hotels and planes. To those unaccustomed to the strong smell, it is something they would not touch with a six-foot pole. But in Asia, this is an all-time regional favorite.

As Much as I like the fruit, you would never find me volunteering to go out and purchase it in the various roadside shacks that spring up every’durian’ season. The reason is simple – carrying out a trunkload of ‘durians’ house would imply that my car would wind up stinking for days later. And a leftover pungent odor trapped in an air-conditioned car may be the worst thing ever, allow me to tell you!! So This past year, once I found out that there is a man who would actually deliver ‘durians’ fresh out of his orchard to my doorstep, I was thrilled. Now the ‘Durian Man’ has figured out there are a number of others like me out there who would rather enter ‘durian withdrawal’ than drive around in a stinky car, and he has found his niche doing home deliveries.

Other ‘durian’ vendors have found their niche in selling the fruit with no spiky skin. If you have ever tried to pry open a ‘durian’ yourself, you will know it is better to leave this thorny job to the professionals.

mao shan wang durian

Some Sellers offer to start the fruits as a free service to their clients durian delivery in singapore, others sell the fruit pre-packaged in plastic boxes. Although plastic boxes cannot technically hold in the smell and keep it from stinking up your vehicle, they are a far better choice to punctured palms and bleeding fingers.

Lesson 1: Listen to your customers’ problems. If there’s anything you can do to make their lives easier, to save time and effort, you might well have found your niche. Build your company around it, and you have got a surefire winner. But The ‘Durian Man’ does not stop there. He handpicks the ‘durians’ for me and provides only the best fruits.

Lesson 2: By backing his merchandise with a personal assurance, he’s building the customer’s confidence in him, his merchandise and his enterprise. Trust is the largest factor in ensuring repeat business. It puts the consumer entirely at ease doing business with someone they know will provide quality.