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Come by with New Mercedes Benz S-Class

We see a great deal of cars nowadays with the brand name Mercedes-Benz. This has been very well known since many individuals say that this manufacturer makes cars for quality and sturdiness.

More than a century back, a man named Gottlieb Daimler was conceived. After a decade, Carl Benz followed. Both were brought into the world in Germany yet they were 60 miles separated. At a very age, the two boys were exposed to machines. Their approaches to building cars were quite different that is the reason it is farfetched that they met few years back when they started having the Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes S Class

Mercedes S Class assembled a motorized tricycle followed by his very first four-wheeler in 1893. In 1886 also, Daimler assembled a horseless carriage. Two years later he made a business deal with William Steinway to produce his products in the US. For 3 years Steinway produced Mercedes cars and light trucks.

Unfortunately, Daimler died in the year 1990, leaving his company to his chief engineer, Wilhelm May back. On the same year, there was a special car produced for Emil Jellinek. He then named the car Mercedes after his 10-year old daughter. The counterpart of the Mercedes was Parsifil by Benz which was created on the year 1903.

The two of them became got along admirably at racing. From the start of World War I, both were converted to production sites for war materials.

After the battle in Germany, there was a falling economy. There was little or no fuel for cars. Extravagance assessment of 15% made the production of automobile very disastrous. Because of this, Benz and Cie sought for a strong partner. They considered DMG yet the merge was not successful. The economy went worse and there were a few cars being registered in the year 1923. In the US, over ½ were Fords, Benz and Cie while DMG just worked around 1000. Because of great economic necessity, Benz and DMG decided to sign an Agreement of Mutual Interest yet they still managed to retain their individual identities. This agreement was substantial until the year 2000.

There was then an insignia made for the merge of the two companies. It was a three-pointed star with a laurel around it. On top was Mercedes and Benz was at the base. The merge became very successful and its production rose to around 7000 automobiles in the year 1927.

During 1930, the largest and most prestigious car was launched. The success of Mercedes-Benz flourished from this year as of not long ago.