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Significance of cat mountain king durian variety

Durian Season is rolling, so we cannot wait to get our hands. Check out this all-you-need-to-know guide to the types of durian you can Find this durian seasonDurians are divided into two Categories – sweet or bitter. Most people would prefer one overriding taste though there are breeds which are sweet and bitter. If you are not super into the king of fruits, you are probably familiar with two strains: D24 and Mao Shan Wang. But believe it or not, there are actually countless durian types on earth, largely grown in Singapore and Thailand.

Mao Shan Wang AKA: Cat, Milk durian Mountain King, Rajah Knit

Probably the most popular type of durian one of Singaporeans Aside from the D24. To differentiate them, look out for the pyramid-shapes thorns at the base of the stem. They have a distinctive pattern.

butter durian singapore

Golden Phoenix AKA: Jinn Feng

Despite being one of the smallest durians it can Be as little as a cherry, this strain really brings something fresh to the table using its strong pungent odor.It is famous for its sour taste, watery texture and light yellow-white colour that is frequently mistaken for being rotten.The casing of the cat mountain king durian has sharp to identify it Thorns, while the fruit is oval and roundish.Coifs you enjoy your Durian bitter and extreme, the XO durian is right up your street. It is a pale yellow flesh that watery. XO durians are oblong or round and their Thorns are pointed inwards. The flesh is not buttery and thick which may leave you feeling full. The Black Gold is powerful enough to leave a flavour that is memorable, but not powerful till you are sick of having one more. We are more than happy with it and children go to bed with a grin on their faces, and a lingering odor on their fingers.