Jun 15, 2021 Technology

Residential Proxy – Yet to Know More on Effective Properties

There are two main reasons why you want to create your own proxy website: To begin with, you have security concerns about using public proxies, like getting spyware or virus; second, you wish to begin your proxy company and make some cash. So, you did some research, downloaded a free proxy script, and installed it in the local test server. Proxy hosting seems like a challenge, particularly for beginners. After All, you will need to manage matters like Server Types, Bandwidth, and Cost.

residential proxy

Proxy Hosing Plans

According to server types, you may have different hosting plans:

  • Shared hosting means one web server hosts multiple websites.
  • VPS gives a virtual private server with guaranteed system tools.
  • Dedicated hosting allows you to own the entire server box.

For novices, your best choice is to begin with a shared proxy hosting. Doing this, you not only save a little cash but also avoid the hassle to set up the server environment on your own.

Select Your Hosting Company

There is hundreds of companies offer shared hosting service. However, many will not accept proxy because conducting a proxy website takes a lot of memory space, CPU time, and network bandwidth. Thus, to find hosting companies, you need to use the key word Proxy Hosting instead of Web Hosting on the search engines.

When you get some candidates, you need to assess them based on some important facets as follows:

  • Customer Reviews – How well present clients think about this server, such as Server Uptime and Reliability, Technical Support, and customer care.
  • Bandwidth – how much network traffic is allowed per month? To get a new proxy website with 100 – 300 daily visits, you might require at least 50GB. If you would like to host multiple residential proxy websites under a single plan, 200GB is a great number to begin with.
  • Cost -You want to compare not just the hosting fee but also the server setup price, domain registration fee, and add on service charge. On the flip side, check if there are some coupon codes or promotion programs which you can apply.
  • Policy – How long is the Money Back Guarantee? Can you cancel the service any time? Is there any minimum contract period? How much does it cost for the visitors?
  • Characteristics – How successful is your Internet server for example Memory, CPU, and Space? What platform is it based on Linux, Windows? Does it have everything your proxy script needs? In Conclusion, for anyone new to proxy hosting, you may begin with a shared plan. After you carefully evaluate hosting companies based on their Customer testimonials, bandwidth, cost, policy and attributes, you will find a right Host for your proxy website.