Mar 21, 2021 Business

Delivery in New York City: Pizza Plus

There are a number of considerations you should make when you’re plotting your delivery in Manhattan. One of the first is the time of day and the second is the distance the delivery person needs to travel. It was with these two things at the furthest from my brain that I decided to dial up Pizza Plus (642 9th Ave@45th St – 212-245-6260) recently. While I’d passed Pizza Plus every day for years and years when I worked on 45th St at The Martin Beck/Al Hirschfield theatre on Broadway, I could only remember one time when I’d ventured out to Pizza Plus for food prior and only very vaguely as there was a Famous Ray’s or Ray’s Original (or whatever) on the 8th Ave side which I frequented quite often (which is gone today)

Regardless the Pizza Plus delivery team was able to make it out to my fifth floor walk up apartment nine streets away with food which was relatively warm; having worked in food service though I should have known that the food might have been cold upon delivery. We were moving out at the time though so it was easy to be able to toss the pie back in the oven and heat it up to acceptable heat.

Pizza Plus has a whole menu of very colorful individual choices for your pizza dollar including the Little Italy Pie with mushrooms, sun dried tomato, and ground beef (!) in addition to marinara and cheese and the Northern Italy Pie which comes with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, carrots, and fresh mozzarella. gobox gojek

But this night my lady and I were just packing the place up and needed something simple and no fuss so we tried their pepperoni pizza; notice though that ground beef is an option at Pizza Plus so if you’re ever in the market for something for yourself for lunch or you are dining with someone who enjoys meat on their pizza, that’s an option which is available for you. However my dining partner is not so inclined to trust the pizza God’s so much the first go-round and I hadn’t been there in so many years that my meek remembrances were no help.

Pizza Plus also has a number of popular Italian dishes and they deliver many of them in record time. They also have many salads, chicken dishes, pasta, hot and cold heroes, and Philly steak sandwiches.