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Jan 24, 2023 Business

Local Handyman In Houston: The Jack Of All Trades

Who can fix everything without being a monarch? In today’s busy world no one wants to do these portable jobs as they pay low remuneration and are not even much esteemed. In local handyman in Houston you get electrician, plumber, carpenter all at the same time.

Jobs of a handyman:

  • Drywall repair: Drywall not only brings dust and waste but rashes and irritation making it difficult to live in the same room. People in such conditions trust the handy more than the plumbers.
  • Leaking plumbing: How would you feel if you get back home from your tedious job and find out that all your floor is wet due to leaking pipes? There is nothing more annoying than a house filled with water which is about to become a pool. Here the handyman performs his task by fixing pipes and making your life facile.
  • Light installation: Fixing tube lights, bulbs, mcv’s, power plugs, televisions etc.
  • Fresh coat of paint: It would sound weird but more than 23% of these handyman’s are called for painting small coats on walls as they have a good hand at it.
  • Exterior upgrades: It consists of taking care of the house externally including outer walls, pots, cracks etc.
  • Door repair: They are the liege lords when it comes to fixing furniture doors, windows, cupboards.
  • Furniture assembly: Shifting bulks is not an easy task as it requires strength and physical power and when you live in a society with your house at 8th or 9th floor it becomes more monotonous hence handymen are indispensable.

Minor jobs of handymen are as mentioned below:

  • Hanging picture
  • Adjusting luggage
  • Repairing electronics
  • Shifting bulks
  • Flooring improvements
  • Contacting the landlords
  • Tile replacement
  • Electronic setup.

International salaries of handymen go as:

  • India : 15000
  • America: 25000
  • Hawai :34000
  • Virginia:30000
  • Massachusetts: 21000

An average handyman earns $44,624 per year, which translates into $21.41 per hour. In general, handymen earn between $32,000 and $57,000 a year, which means that the wealthiest handymen make $27,000 more than the lowest-paid.