nittaku table tennis

Jul 21, 2022 Shopping

Turn the tables with Nittaku table tennis

Nittaku table tennis is a Japanese brand company which produces high quality table tennis products ever since the year 1920. Over the years the company has seen a lot of success alongside some of its own battles. Today the company has celebrated the success of delivering and producing the best table tennis products for over a 100 years.

Products manufactured by Nittaku.

  • Nittaku balls.
    • Nittaku balls were the first product that was ever manufactured by the company.
    • Nittaku PLS 3 star premium is the first ball to ever get certification from the International Table Tennis Federation.
    • Today these balls are used in major tournaments all around the world.
    • They are used in world championship, European championship, in Olympic games and in different competitions throughout all of Japan.
  • Nittaku rubber series.
    • The company also has a renowned reputation about its production of the rubber series.
    • These series include the German made Fastarc rubber.
    • They also include the- G-1, P-1, S-1, and C-1 series.
    • The speed and ratings of G-1 series is 15.00 and 12.50, and the same of P-1 is 15.50 and 12.25.
    • For the S-1 series the speed and ratings is 15.50 and 11.75 whereas for the last C-1 series it is 15.25 and 12.25.
  • An impressive quality of blade series.
    • Over here, they make use of the special wood lamination technology for producing the most powerful and offensive blades for you.
    • They have exceptional control and have various looping capabilities.