Aug 29, 2022 Education

CCNA Voice Instructional exercise – DHCP and the IP Telephone Boot Cycle

Similarly as our switches and switches have specific tests and methodology they run when they boot so do Cisco IP Telephones – obviously, there’s a significant contrast or two between the Telephone and switch boot processes.

Here is the essential boot technique for a Cisco IP Telephone:

As you’d expect, the initial step is to genuinely interface the Telephone to a switch port. The Telephone can accept its power by means of Control Over Ethernet (PoE) assuming the Telephone and Switch settle on the PoE technique to be utilized. Initially called inline power, PoE permits the ability to be sent through the copper link to the associated gadget. Our close buddy Cisco Revelation Convention enters the image presently as CDP lets the Telephone know which Voice VLAN to utilize. Be certain CDP is running on the switch port that is associated with the IP Telephone as crippling CDP is ordinary. The Telephone currently needs an IP address all things considered, an IP Telephone would not be a lot of good without one. That location and other related data is obtained similarly a normal have gadget does as such through DHCP. The IP Telephone sends a DHCP Solicitation, which is sent by the switch to the DHCP Server.

That sending expected the switch to be arranged with the IP partner address order; switches do not advance transmissions of course. From that point, the cycle is similar as a PC getting an IP address the DHCP server answers with the standard Proposition and the Telephone acknowledges the principal Offer it gets. However, this cycle is not precisely similar to a PC mentioning a location through DHCP. With IP Telephones, there’s some additional choice in DHCP Choice 150 to be precise. This Choice tells the IP Telephone where to find the TFTP Server that holds the Telephone’s design document and is an imperative piece of IP Telephone activity. The Telephone then contacts that TFTP server and afterward downloads its design document. From the items in that config record, the Telephone learns the area of the call handling specialists it ought to utilize and afterward endeavors to reach them in the request in which they are recorded in the document. Assuming you are designing a Cisco switch as a DHCP Server, make certain to empower Choice 150 and we will tell you the very best way to do that in the following ccnp dumps Voice instructional exercise in this series as well as by means of a video accessible through your #1 video sharing site.